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"Strangers & Natives: A Newspaper Narrative of Early Jewish America 1734-1869" presents a unique view of history, by Ron Rubin/Developed by Peri Devaney [Urim Publications,mid-2019]--EARLIER w/ RON RUBIN: "A Jewish Professor's Political Punditry: 50+ years of Published Commentary by Ron Rubin," an anthology, Edited by Peri Devaney [Syracuse University Press,2013]--"Anything for a T-Shirt: Fred Lebow and the NYC Marathon" by Ron Rubin, describes how Holocaust survivor Fred Lebow used his drive, commitment, skill & "shtick" to turn marathons into the wildly applauded, attainable pursuit they are today, getting everyday people out running 26.2 miles, and how he ran his own marathon for the first time, triumphantly, 3 years after being told he had brain cancer and only 3-6 months to live [Syracuse University Press,2004]--AND w/HARVEY ROSENFELD: "Richmond Pearson Hobson: Naval Hero from Magnolia Grove" [Yucca Tree Pr,2001] & "Diary of a Dirty Little War: The Spanish-American War of 1898"

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